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Help for the Publications Database

This page contains general help information for the various sections of this application. Specific help is provided where you see . Click on the question mark for help.

From the home page you can:

Submit help

Submission page 1:

Date: Choose the current month and year OR if submitting to a journal, select "to appear."

Author information: Primary author name can be manually typed or a search conducted to insert a name from the Jefferson Lab database of names. Comprehensive list of affiliated institutions are available from which to choose. JLAB authors choose "CEBAF/JLAB."

Insert title and check the box "proprietary" if the paper contains proprietary information. This will ensure the publication is not available on a public server for viewing.

Document numbers: If a paper is issued a number by another institution, enter this number in "other."

Affiliation: Select the appropriate division, department, and group using the pull-down menus provided. Select any relevant experiment numbers corresponding to the paper.

Type of document:

Submission page 2 - Type of document

Select the year of the conference with the drop down menu. This will populate the meeting/conference name drop-down menu below the year. Scroll through the list to find the applicable meeting. If you do not find the name, enter the information in the fields provided. Use the shortened version of the name if available.

Document subtype: Select the type of conference submission by check the button next to the corresponding type. Accelerator authors: When submitting the initial abstract for approval, please choose "abstract." When later submitting the complete paper, at that time, please select the appropriate full version option (ie: invited talk, poster, etc ...).

Journal Article:
Select the Journal from the drop-down menu to which the paper will be submitted. Check the "refereed" box if this is a refereed journal. Leave other fields blank.

Complete all fields.

Enter the title of the book. If you are submitting a book chapter, indicate the chapter title following the title.

Patent Application:
In the field provided, enter the date filed, date priority, and patent assignee.

Tech Note:
No additional information needed - click on "continue."

Enter any pertinent information into the field provided. Conference Proceeding:
Complete all fields - editors, publisher, year, and page numbers

Submission page 3 - Additional Authors

Enter additional authors and affiliated institutions. Note: Due to the size of the database of authors, this page can be slow to load when entering more than 10 additional authors. However, in order to ensure the paper appears in every author's "My Papers" section of this application, it is important that every author be entered.

Submission page 4 - Abstract and Upload

Copy and paste your abstract into the text box provided.

Accelerator authors: if you are submitting an abstract to be approved, be sure to attach the abstract by using the browse feature. Failure to attach a document will prevent the signature queue from being activated!

To upload, locate your document using the "browse" feature. Documents must be in .doc or .pdf format prior to upload. You must have Adobe Acrobat print driver installed on your windows workstation to convert Microsoft Word to Acrobat. To convert postscript files to .pdf, you can use Acrobat Distiller.

After selecting your document, click on the button "Create Official Document."

View your papers

My Papers

Click on the "My Papers" link in the top navigation bar. You can choose to view your papers in the following manners:

  • all papers you submitted
  • all papers you authored
  • all papers you authored in the past month

You may also choose the manner in which the list is displayed using the drop-down selection boxes which include:
  • ascending or
  • descending order using:
    • Title
    • Date Submitted
    • Year Published or
    • Routing

Authors may use this tool to edit the metadata corresponding to their papers. To edit a paper that has been sent back by a reviewer, the author should find the paper in their "My Papers" list, and click on the "edit" link beside the paper information. This action will open the previously completed "submission form," but will allow the author to make the following edits to the paper metadata:

  • Page 1 - authors may add or change document types.
    • adding document types: "Conference Proceedings" in addition to the original "meeting/conference" selection
    • adding document types: "Journal Article" when proceedings are printed by a journal (such as Nuclear Physics A)
    • Click on "Journal Article" to add reference information to the original journal entry.
  • Page 2 - Changing document types:
    • When adding conference proceedings, include editors, publisher, title, page numbers, and year published.
    • When adding journal references, include volume, issue, and page numbers
  • Page 3 - Additional Authors - there should not be changes here
  • Page 4 - Abstract/upload
    • If a submitted paper or abstract is returned for editing by a reviewer, you may attached a corrected version by choosing "browse" and attaching the correcting document. NOTE: to put the paper BACK into the signature queue, you must go to the link "signatures" and approve your corrected submission after you have resubmitted it. This action will return the submission to the reviewer who sent it back for revision.
    • If the abstract in the final published document has changed, delete the previous abstract and paste the new abstract in the text box provided.
    • If there is an electronic link to the journal's server, delete the link that is currently in the file location box, and enter the link to your published paper on the journal's server.
  • Finish your edit by clicking "Update Official Document."

Status of approval of your papers

Click here to see who has signed your paper and who hasn't.

  • Green check means paper has been approved. It has been routed to the next reviewer in the queue.
  • Yellow triangle means the paper has been sent back to author for revisions. Revision information appears on the "status" page. To resubmit:
    1. Make corrections in your document
    2. Click on "my papers" and find the paper you have corrected.
    3. Click on the link "edit" beside the title of this paper.
    4. Metadata pages will appear as if you are submitting this paper. Click "continue to next section button until you reach the upload page.
    5. Click "browse" and find your revised paper to attach. Ensure you upload only .doc, .ps, or .pdf files.
    6. Click "update" button.
    7. After you get the message of successful update, click on the "signature" link on the navigation bar.
    8. You must approve the publication you have revised to send it back into the signature queue.
    9. Check the status link again, and you will notice your document has been returned to the reviewer who requested the revision.
  • Red "X" means paper has been rejected. Reason for rejection appears on the "status" page. Follow the instructions above if you are able to correct the deficiencies in the current paper.

Signature Help

If you have received an email message indicating there is a paper in your publications signature queue, simply log-in and click on "signatures". There you will see the title, submitter name, and the options "view" and "approve/reject."

To view the paper, click "view."

After you have reviewed the paper, you have four options:

  • Approve
    • Simply click on the "approve" button
  • Approve with corrections
    • This option is for minor corrections. Enter the corrections you wish to be made in the text box provided.
    • Click "approve with corrections"
  • Reject
    • This option is for major flaws in the work. Enter the corrections that must be made or make suggestions in the text box provided.
    • Click "reject publication"
  • Route to Legal
    • This option is provided for circumstances when a reviewer feels a document contains proprietary or classified information. Enter the reason why the paper is being routed to legal in the text box provided.
    • Click "route to legal"
    • This option will divert the paper from the normal queue to the legal office. Legal will have the same options as a reviewer. If the document does in fact contain proprietary or classified information, the publication may be approved with corrections on the condition that the publication be designated a "proprietary document." This text box is made available on page one of the submission page.
    • Once legal has reviewed the paper, and selected an option, the publication will return to the queue in the same manner as if any other reviewer has done so.

Search help

The advanced publications search provides various fields to narrow down the scope of a search. Complete as many or as few fields to search for papers in the JLAB Publications database. If you notice a paper is not included, be sure to inform the pubs manager at or x7805.

Users help

This section is currently under development.