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Title Author          Published Date Type JLAB #  
Precise determination of proton magnetic radius from electron scattering data Douglas Higinbotham, Christian Weiss and Jose Manuel Alarcon Soriano To Appear in 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-20-3149 (view)
Parton Distribution Functions from Ioffe time pseudo-distributions from lattice caclulations; approaching the physical point Balint Joo, Joseph Karpie, Anatoly Radyushkin, Konstantinos Orginos and Savvas Zafeiropoulos To Appear in 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-20-3161 (view)
\textit{Ab initio} study of $\boldsymbol{(\nu_\ell,\ell^-)}$ and $\boldsymbol{(\overline{\nu}_\ell,\ell^+)}$ inclusive scattering in 12C: confronting the MiniBooNE and T2K CCQE data Alessandro Lovato, Joseph Carlson, Stefano Gandolfi and Rocco Schiavilla To Appear in 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-20-3160 (view)
Do short-range correlations cause the nuclear EMC effect in the deuteron? X. G. Wang, Anthony Thomas and Wolodymyr Melnitchouk To Appear in 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-20-3173 (view)
Chiral Effective Field Theory Calculations of Weak Transitions in Light Nuclei G.B. King, Lorenzo Andreoli, Saori Pastore, Maria Piarulli, Rocco Schiavilla and Others To Appear in 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-20-3175 (view)
Exclusive tensor meson photoproduction Vincent Mathieu, Alessandro Pilloni, Miguel Albaladejo, Lukasz Bibrzycki, Andrea Celentano and Others Jul 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-20-3188 (view)
Intrinsic Transverse Momentum and Evolution in Weighted Spin Asymmetries Jianwei Qiu, Ted Rogers and Bowen Wang Jun 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-20-3185 (view)
$\tau \to \mu\mu\mu$ at a rate of one out of $10^{14}$ tau decays? Patrick Blackstone, Matteo Fael and Emilie Passemar Jun 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-3123 (view)
Neutral-Current Neutrino Scattering from the Deuteron Jay Van Orden, Sabine Jeschonnek and T. Donnelly Jun 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-20-3132 (view)
Efficient solution of the multi-channel Luescher determinant condition through eigenvalue decomposition Jozef Dudek, David Wilson and Antoni Woss Jun 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-20-3133 (view)
Three pion spectrum in the I=3 channel from lattice QCD C. Culver, Maxim Mai, Ruairi Brett, Andrei Alexandru and Michael Doring Jun 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-20-3221 (view)
Predictive power of transverse-momentum-dependent distributions Andrea Signori, Jianwei Qiu, Zhongbo Kang and Manvir Grewal Jun 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-20-3159 (view)
Multigrid deflation for Lattice QCD Eloy Romero Alcalde, Andreas Stathopoulos and Konstantinos Orginos May 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-3023 (view)
The transverse nucleon single-spin asymmetry for the semi-inclusive production of photons in lepton-nucleon scattering Alexei Prokudin, Marc Schlegel and Weeam S. Albaltan May 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-3067 (view)
Dalitz plots and lineshape of $a_1(1260)$ from a relativistic three-body unitary approach Daniel Sadasivan, Maxim Mai, Hakan Akdag and Michael Doring May 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-20-3170 (view)
Consistency checks for two-body finite-volume matrix elements: II. Perturbative systems Raul Briceno, Maxwell Hansen and Andrew Jackura May 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-3113 (view)
Jet quenching as a probe of the initial stages in heavy-ion collisions Carlota Andres, Néstor Armesto, Harri Niemi, Risto Paatelainen and Carlos A. Salgado Apr 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-2888 (view)
Strange quark suppression from a simultaneous Monte Carlo analysis of parton distributions and fragmentation functions Nobuo Sato Gonzalez, Carlota Andres Casas, Jacob Ethier and Wolodymyr Melnitchouk Apr 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-2927 (view)
Quasielastic lepton scattering and back-to-back nucleons in the short-time approximation Saori Pastore, Joseph Carlson, Stefano Gandolfi, Rocco Schiavilla and Robert Wiringa Apr 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-3034 (view)
Heavy quark expansion for heavy-light light-cone operators Shuai Zhao Apr 2020 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-3065 (view)

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