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Title Author          Published Date Type JLAB #  
A Threshold Gas Cerenkov Detector for the Spin Asymmetries of the Nucleon Experiment Whitney Armstrong, Seonho Choi, Ed Kaczanowicz, Oleksandr Lukhanin, Zein-Eddine Meziani and Others Dec 2015 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-15-2020 (view)
Measurement of the proton A_1 and A_2 spin asymmetries: Probing Color Forces Whitney Armstrong May 2015 Thesis JLAB-PHY-15-2094 (view)
Measurement of the Spin Asymmetries of the Proton Mark Jones Oct 2012 Meeting (view)
Nucleon $g-2$ Structure Function at Large $x$ and Quark-Gluons Correlations Zein-Eddine Meziani Dec 2009 Meeting JLAB-PHY-09-924 (view)
Overview and Highlights of the Spin Asymmetries of the Nucleon Experiment - SANE Oscar Rondon-Aramayo Jun 2014 Meeting JLAB-PHY-13-1856 (view)
Probing Proton Spin Structure: A Measurement of g_2 at Four-momentum Transfer of 2 to 6 GeV^2 James Maxwell Dec 2011 Thesis JLAB-PHY-11-1485 (view)
Probing the Spin Structure of the Nucleon: New Experimental Results on d2 and A1 for both Neutron and Proton from JLab Bradley Sawatzky Apr 2013 Meeting (view)
Proton form factor ratio, miu p times G E P over G M P from double spin asymmetry Anusha Habarakada Liyanage Aug 2013 Thesis JLAB-PHY-13-1822 (view)
SANE's Measurement of the Proton's Virtual Photon Spin Asymmetry, A^p_1, at Large Bjorken x Jonathan Mulholland May 2012 Thesis JLAB-PHY-12-1563 (view)
Spin physics program in Jefferson Lab¿s Hall C Oscar Rondon-Aramayo Apr 2015 Meeting JLAB-PHY-14-1884 (view)
Spin Structure Function Measurements in Hall C at Jefferson Lab Stephen Wood Nov 2008 Meeting JLAB-PHY-08-950 (view)
Study of Double Spin Asymmetries in Inclusive ep Scattering at Jefferson Lab Hoyoung Kang Aug 2014 Thesis JLAB-PHY-14-2001 (view)
The extraction of the spin structure function, g2 (and g1) at low Bjorken x Luwani Ndukum Aug 2015 Thesis JLAB-PHY-15-2063 (view)
The RSS and SANE experiments at Jefferson Lab Oscar Rondon-Aramayo Jul 2009 Meeting JLAB-PHY-09-1046 (view)

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