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Title Author          Published Date Type JLAB #  
A Comparison of Longitudinal and Transverse Cross Sections in the p (e,e'K)/Lambda and p(e,e'K)/Sigma Reactions Richard Mohring Oct 1999 Thesis JLAB-PHY-99-59 (view)
Elementary Amplitudes in Kaon Electroproduction Oliver Baker Oct 2001 Meeting (view)
Feasibility Test Run of C-12(e,e'K^+) Reaction at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility Wendy Hinton Aug 1998 Meeting JLAB-PHY-97-25 (view)
First Measurement of the Longitudinal and Transverse Cross Sections in 1He,e'K/Lambda Gabriel Niculescu Dec 1998 Thesis (view)
Kaon electroproduction: The elementary reaction Oliver Baker Jun 1999 Meeting (view)
Kaon Photoproduction at Large Space-Like Momentum Transfer Oliver Baker May 2000 Meeting JLAB-PHY-00-99 (view)
Lambda Polarization Liliana Teodorescu Jan 2000 Thesis (view)
Lambda polarization in association K+ -Lambda electro-production Gabriel Niculescu, Jean Laget, Joseph Mitchell, Liliana Teodorescu, Marc Vanderhaeghen and Others Nov 1999 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-99-52 (view)
Longitudinal and Transverse Cross Sections in the 1H(e,e'K+)Lambda Reaction Gabriel Niculescu, Paul Gueye and Sekazi Mtingwa Aug 1998 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-98-21 (view)
New (e,e' K+) results from Jefferson Lab Richard Mohring Feb 1998 Meeting (view)
Separation of the longitudinal and transverse cross sections in the ^1H(e,e'K+) Lambda and ^1H(e,e'K+)Sigma^0reactions Richard Mohring, David Abbott, Abdellah Ahmidouch, Tsolak Amatuni, Pawel Ambrozewicz and Others May 2003 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-02-95 (view)
Study of Quasi-Free Hyperon Production with the A(e,e'K+) Reaction. Wendy Hinton 1999 Meeting (view)
The space-like kaon electromagnetic form factor Oliver Baker Sep 1997 Meeting CEBAF-PR-96-023 (view)

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