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Title Author          Published Date Type JLAB #  
Strong isospin violation and chiral logarithms in the baryon spectrum David Brantley, Balint Joo, Ekaterina Mastropas, Emanuele Mereghetti, Henry Monge Camacho and Others To Appear in 2017 Journal Article JLAB-CIO-17-2421 (view)
Baryon-baryon interactions and spin-flavor symmetry from lattice quantum chromodynamics Michael Wagman, Frank Winter, E. Chang, Z. Davoudi, William Detmold and Others Dec 2017 Journal Article JLAB-CIO-17-2632 (view)
Improving dynamical lattice QCD simulations through integrator tuning using Poisson brackets and a force-gradient integrator Michael Clark, Balint Joo, Anthony Kennedy and Paulo Silva Oct 2011 Journal Article JLAB-IT-11-06 (view)
Building the International Lattice Data Grid Mark Beckett, Paul Coddington, Balint Joo, Christopher Maynard, Dirk Pleiter and Others Jun 2011 Journal Article JLAB-IT-11-05 (view)
Localization and chiral symmetry in three flavor domain wall QCD David Anthony, Kenneth Bowler, Patrick Boyle, Norman Christ, Saul Cohen and Others Jan 2008 Journal Article JLAB-IT-07-05 (view)
SciDAC-2 software infrastructure for lattice QCD Balint Joo Jun 2007 Meeting JLAB-IT-07-03 (view)
First results from 2+1-Flavor Domain Wall QCD: Mass Spectrum, Topology Change and Chiral Symmetry with $L_s=8$ David Antonio, Tom Blum, Kenneth Bowler, Patrick Boyle, Norman Christ and Others Jun 2007 Journal Article JLAB-IT-07-06 (view)

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