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Title Author          Published Date Type JLAB #  
Status and Future Perspectives for Lattice Gauge Theory Calculations to the Exascale and Beyond Balint Joo, Chulwoo Jung, Norman Christ, William Detmold, Robert Edwards and Others Nov 2019 Journal Article JLAB-CIO-19-2957 (view)
Heavy physics contributions to neutrinoless double beta decay from QCD Amy Nicholson, E. Berkowitz, H. Monge-Camacho, David Brantley, N. Garron and Others Oct 2018 Journal Article JLAB-CIO-18-2751 (view)
Baryon-baryon interactions and spin-flavor symmetry from lattice quantum chromodynamics Michael Wagman, Frank Winter, E. Chang, Z. Davoudi, William Detmold and Others Dec 2017 Journal Article JLAB-CIO-17-2632 (view)
Improving dynamical lattice QCD simulations through integrator tuning using Poisson brackets and a force-gradient integrator Michael Clark, Balint Joo, Anthony Kennedy and Paulo Silva Oct 2011 Journal Article JLAB-IT-11-06 (view)
Building the International Lattice Data Grid Mark Beckett, Paul Coddington, Balint Joo, Christopher Maynard, Dirk Pleiter and Others Jun 2011 Journal Article JLAB-IT-11-05 (view)
Localization and chiral symmetry in three flavor domain wall QCD David Anthony, Kenneth Bowler, Patrick Boyle, Norman Christ, Saul Cohen and Others Jan 2008 Journal Article JLAB-IT-07-05 (view)
SciDAC-2 software infrastructure for lattice QCD Balint Joo Jun 2007 Meeting JLAB-IT-07-03 (view)
First results from 2+1-Flavor Domain Wall QCD: Mass Spectrum, Topology Change and Chiral Symmetry with $L_s=8$ David Antonio, Tom Blum, Kenneth Bowler, Patrick Boyle, Norman Christ and Others Jun 2007 Journal Article JLAB-IT-07-06 (view)

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