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Title Author          Published Date Type JLAB #  
Liouvillian Dynamics of the Open Schwinger Model: String Breaking and Kinetic Dissipation in a Thermal Medium Felix Ringer, Keith Lee, Xiaojun Yao and James Mulligan To Appear in 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3894 (view)
Global analysis of polarized DIS & SIDIS data with improved small-x helicity evolution D. Adamiak, N. Baldonado, Y. Kovchegov, W. Melnitchouk, D. Pitonyak and Others To Appear in 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3896 (view)
Target mass corrections in lepton-nucleus DIS: theory and applications to nuclear PDFs R. Ruiz, K. Muzakka, C. Leger, Peter Risse, Alberto Accardi and Others To Appear in 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3748 (view)
Nucleon cosmological constant term and flavor structure of the gravitational form factors Ho-Yeon Won, Hyun-Chul Kim and Jun-Young Kim To Appear in 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3754 (view)
Recent progress on in-medium properties of heavy mesons from finite-temperature EFTs Gloria Montana-Faiget, Angels Ramos, Laura Tolos and Juan Torres-Rincon Sep 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3874 (view)
Three-body scattering and quantization conditions from S matrix unitarity Andrew Jackura Aug 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-22-3664 (view)
Shedding light on shadow generalized parton distributions E. Moffatt, A. Freese, I. Cloet, T. Donohoe, L. Gamberg and Others Aug 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3786 (view)
The quark mass dependence of $\pi \pi$ scattering in isospin 0, 1 and 2 from lattice QCD. Arkaitz Rodas, Jozef Dudek and Robert Edwards Aug 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3778 (view)
Khuri-Treiman analysis of $J/\psi\to\pi^{+}\pi^{-}\pi^{0}$ Sergi Gonzalez-Solis, Miguel Albaladejo, Cesar Fernandez Ramirez, Nadine Hammoud, Vincent Mathieu and Others Jul 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3796 (view)
QCD angular momentum in N-Delta transitions Jun-Young Kim, Ho-Yeon Won, Jose Goity and Christian Weiss Jul 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3795 (view)
Light quark and antiquark constraints from new electroweak data Alberto Accardi, Xiaoxian Jing and J. F. Owens Jun 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3782 (view)
GPU-Acceleration of Tensor Renormalization with PyTorch using CUDA Raghav Jha and Abhishek Samlodia Jun 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3903 (view)
SIDIS-RC EvGen: a Monte-Carlo event generator of semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering with the lowest-order QED radiative corrections Duane Byer, Vladimir Khachatryan, Igor Akushevich, Alexander Ilyichev, Haiyan Gao and Others Jun 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-22-3764 (view)
Target normal single-spin asymmetry in inclusive electron-nucleon scattering in the 1/Nc expansion Jose Goity, Christian Weiss and Cintia Willemyns May 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3783 (view)
Perspectives on Few-Body Cluster Structures in Exotic Nuclei Daniel Bazin, Kevin Becker, Francesca Bonaiti, Elisabeth Charlotte Elster, Kevin Fossez and Others May 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3921 (view)
The resolution to the problem of consistent large transverse momentum in TMDs Ted Rogers, Tommaso Rainaldi and Jose Gonzalez Hernandez May 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3771 (view)
Octet and decuplet baryon sigma-terms and mass decompositions P. Copeland, Chueng JI and Wolodymyr Melnitchouk May 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-21-3539 (view)
Neutrino-tagged jets at the Electron-Ion Collider Miguel Arratia, Z. Kang, Sebouh Paul, Alexei Prokudin, Felix Ringer and Others May 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-22-3758 (view)
One-loop fermion-photon vertex in arbitrary gauge and dimensions: a novel approach Victor Miguel Banda Guzmán and Adnan Bashir Apr 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-23-3790 (view)
Basics of factorization in a scalar Yukawa field theory Ted Rogers, Tommaso Rainaldi, Fatma Aslan and Leonard Gamberg Apr 2023 Journal Article JLAB-THY-22-3760 (view)

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