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What does kinematical target mass sensitivity in DIS reveal about hadron structure? Eric Moffat, Ted Rogers, Wolodymyr Melnitchouk, Nobuo Sato Gonzalez and Fernanda Steffens To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-2880 (view)
The b_1 resonance in \pi\omega, \pi\phi scattering from lattice QCD Antoni Woss, Christopher Thomas, Jozef Dudek, Robert Edwards and David Wilson To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-2910 (view)
Form factors of two-hadron states from a covariant finite-volume formalism Raul Briceno, Felipe Ortega-Gama, Max Hansen and Alessandro Baroni To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2878 (view)
Quark fragmentation as a probe of dynamical mass generation Alberto Accardi and Andrea Signori To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-2900 (view)
Factorization of jet cross sections in heavy-ion collisions Jian-Wei Qiu, Felix Ringer, Pia Zurita and Nobuo Sato To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-2896 (view)
Reconstructing parton distribution functions from Ioffe time data: from Bayesian methods to Neural Networks Joseph Karpie, Konstantinos Orginos, Alexander Rothkopf and Savvas Zafeiropoulos To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-2898 (view)
Pion Valence Quark Distribution from Matrix Element Calculated in Lattice QCD Raza Sufian, Joseph Karpie, Colin Egerer, Konstantinos Orginos, Jianwei Qiu and Others Apr 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-19-2847 (view)
Local chiral interactions and magnetic structure of few-nucleon systems Rocco Schiavilla, Alessandro Baroni, Saori Pastore, Maria Piarulli, Luca Girlanda and Others Mar 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2807 (view)
Deep-inelastic and quasielastic electron scattering from A=3 nuclei Anthony Tropiano, Jacob Ethier, Wolodymyr Melnitchouk and Nobuo Sato Gonzalez Mar 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2865 (view)
Regge phenomenology of the N* and Delta* poles Cesar Fernandez Ramirez, Miguel Albaladejo, Igor Danilkin, Andrew Jackura, Vincent Mathieu and Others Feb 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2797 (view)
Meson resonances in forward-angle pi+pi- photoproduction L. Bibrzycki, P. Bydvzovsky, R. Kaminski and Adam Szczepaniak Feb 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2808 (view)
S- and p-wave structure of S = -1 meson-baryon scattering in the resonance region Daniel Sadasivan, Maxim Mai and Michael Doring Feb 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2699 (view)
Multiplicative renormalizability of quasi-parton operators Zheng-Yang Li, Yan-Qing Ma and Jian-Wei Qiu Feb 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2798 (view)
Unified framework for heavy flavor and quarkonium production in high multiplicity p+p and p+A collisions at RHIC and LHC Yan-Qing Ma, Prithwish Tribedy, Raju Venugopalan and Kazuhiro Watanabe Feb 2019 Meeting JLAB-THY-18-2769 (view)
Spectral functions of nucleon form factors: Three-pion continua at low energies Norbert Kaiser and Emilie Passemar Feb 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2862 (view)
Finite-volume spectrum of pi^+pi^+ and pi^+pi^+pi^+ systems M. Doring and Maxim Mai Feb 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2767 (view)
Controlling Excited-State Contributions with Distillation in Lattice QCD Calculations of Nucleon Isovector Charges Colin Egerer, David Richards and Frank Winter Feb 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2857 (view)
Determination of the pole position of the lightest hybrid meson candidate Arkaitz Rodas Bilbao, Alessandro Pilloni, Miguel Albaladejo, Cesar Fernandez Ramirez, Andrew Jackura and Others Jan 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2839 (view)
Parton distributions from nonlocal chiral SU(3) effective theory. I. Splitting functions Y. Salamu, Chueng JI, Wolodymyr Melnitchouk, Anthony Thomas and P. Wang Jan 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2746 (view)
Effect of flavor-dependent partonic transverse momentum on the determination of the W boson mass in hadronic collisions Alessandro Bacchetta, Giuseppe Bozzi, Marco Radici, Mathias Ritzmann and Andrea Signori Jan 2019 Journal Article JLAB-THY-18-2757 (view)

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