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(None) Randall McClellan Jan 2017 Meeting (view)
$K|pi|$ $I=1/2$ $S$-wave from $¿_c$ decay data at BaBar and classic Meson-Meson scattering from LASS Antimo Palano and Michael Pennington To Appear in 2017 Journal Article JLAB-THY-17-2412 (view)
$N^*$ resonances from $KLambda$ amplitudes in sliced bins in energy Alexei Anisovich, Volker Burkert, M. Hadzimehmedovic, David Ireland, Eberhard Klempt and Others Dec 2017 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-17-2568 (view)
$N^*\to N eta^\prime$ decays from photoproduction of $eta^\prime$-mesons off protons Alexei Anisovich, Volker Burkert, P.M. Collins, Michael Dugger, Eberhard Klempt and Others Sep 2017 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-17-2544 (view)
12 GeV CEBAF - The Physics and Experiments Volker Burkert To Appear in 2017 Meeting JLAB-PHY-17-2547 (view)
3D Nucleon Tomography and Extraction Methodology Harutyun Avagyan Apr 2017 Meeting (view)
4-twist helix snake to maintain polarization in multi-GeV proton rings F. Antoulinakis, E.A. Ljungman, A. Tai, Christine Aidala, E.D. Courant and Others Sep 2017 Journal Article JLAB-ACP-13-1722 (view)
A Comprehensive Evaluation of Factors that Influence the Spin Polarization of Electrons Emitted from Bulk GaAs Photocathodes Wei Liu, Matt Poelker, Xincun Peng, Shukui Zhang and Marcy Stutzman Jul 2017 Journal Article JLAB-ACC-17-2443 (view)
A Dalitz plot analysis and extraction of spin density matrix elements for the omega to 3pi decay Christopher Zeoli Dec 2017 Thesis JLAB-PHY-17-2650 (view)
A dispersive approach to two-photon exchange in elastic electron--nucleon scattering Peter Blunden and Wolodymyr Melnitchouk Jun 2017 Journal Article JLAB-THY-17-2430 (view)
A dispersive treatment of $K_{\ell 4}$ decays Peter Stoffer, Gilberto Colangelo and Emilie Passemar Mar 2017 Meeting JLAB-THY-17-2489 (view)
A Doubly Charming Particle Raul Briceno Sep 2017 Other JLAB-THY-17-2555 (view)
A Glimpse into the Exotic World of Quarks and Gluons Raul Briceno Feb 2017 Meeting (view)
A Glimpse of Gluons through Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering on the Proton Maxime Defurne, Alejandro Marti Jimenez-Arguello, Zafar Ahmed, Hisham Albataineh, Kalyan Allada and Others Nov 2017 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-17-2492 (view)
A Measurement of the Transverse Asymmetry in Forward-Angle Electron-Carbon Scattering Using the Qweak Apparatus Martin James McHugh III Jan 2017 Thesis JLAB-PHY-17-2507 (view)
A new era of science at Jefferson Lab Robert McKeown Sep 2017 Meeting (view)
A novel comparison of Møller and Compton electron beam polarimeters Joshua Magee, Amrendra Narayan, D. Jones, Rakitha Beminiwattha, Juan Cornejo and Others Mar 2017 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-16-2333 (view)
A proposal for antiparallel acceleration of positrons using CEBAF Bogdan Wojtsekhowski and Michael Tiefenback Dec 2017 Meeting JLAB-ACP-17-2643 (view)
Aberration compensation in a Skew parametric-resonance ionization cooling channel Amy Sy, Rolland Johnson, Yaroslav Derbenev, Vasiliy Morozov, Andrei Afanaciev and Others May 2017 Meeting JLAB-ACP-17-2472 (view)
Accelerating Lattice QCD Multigrid on GPUs Using Fine-Grained Parallelization M. A. Clark, Balint Joo, Alexei Strelchenko, Michael Cheng, Arjun Gambhir and Others To Appear in 2017 Meeting JLAB-CIO-17-2422 (view)

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