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Title Highly Polarized Ion Sources for Electron Ion Colliders (EIC)
Authors Vadim Dudnikov,Rolland Johnson,Yaroslav Derbenev,Yuhong Zhang
JLAB number JLAB-ACP-11-1351
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Other number DOE/OR/23177-1640
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Paper compiled for IPAC 2010

Proceedings IPAC 2010
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Page(s) 4220
Publication Abstract: The operation of the RHIC facility at BNL and the Electron Ion Colliders (EIC) under development at Jefferson Laboratory and BNL need high brightness ion beams with the highest polarization. Charge exchange injection into a storage ring or synchrotron and Siberian snakes have the potential to handle the needed polarized beam currents, but first the ion sources must create beams with the highest possible polarization to maximize collider productivity, which is proportional to a high power of the polarization. We are developing one universal H-/D- ion source design which will synthesize the most advanced developments in the field of polarized ion sources to provide high current, high brightness, ion beams with greater than 90% polarization, good lifetime, high reliability, and good power efficiency. The new source will be an advanced version of an atomic beam polarized ion source (ABPIS) with resonant charge exchange ionization by negative ions. An integrated ABPIS design will be prepared based on new materials and an optimized magnetic focusing system. Polarized atomic and ion beam formation, extraction, and transport for the new source will be computer simulated.
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