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Title Design and Evaluation of joint resistance in SSC Rutherford type cable splices for Torus magnet for the Jefferson Lab 12 GeV Upgrade
Authors Probir Ghoshal, Ruben Fair, David Kashy, Robert Legg, Renuka Rajput-Ghoshal, Damian Hampshire, Yeekin Tsui, Virginia Hagen-Gates
JLAB number JLAB-ACE-15-2194
LANL number (None)
Other number DOE/OR/23177-3629
Document Type(s) (Meeting) 
Associated with EIC: No
Supported by Jefferson Lab LDRD Funding: No
Funding Source: Nuclear Physics (NP)

Paper compiled for International Conference on Magnet Technology (MT24)

Compiled for IEEE Transactions in Applied Superconductivity
Volume 26
Issue 4
Page(s) 4800304
Publication Abstract: The Hall B 3.6 T superconducting torus magnet is being designed and built as part of the Jefferson Lab 12 GeV upgrade. The magnet consists of 6 trapezoidal coils connected in series with an operating current of 3770 A. The magnet and the joints (or splices) connecting the coils are all conduction cooled by supercritical 4.6 K helium. This paper evaluates the stability requirements for the splices made between SSC Rutherford type cables. The basis for design and tests performed to evaluate the performance of the splices under varying incident magnetic fields are discussed along with test results.
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Group: Engineering Div Mgmt
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