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Title Efficient Fourier Transforms for Transverse Momentum Dependent Distributions
Authors Zhong-Bo Kang,Alexei Prokudin,Nobuo Sato,John Terry
JLAB number JLAB-THY-19-2962
LANL number arXiv:1906.05949
Other number DOE/OR/23177-4712
Document Type(s) (Journal Article) 
Supported by U.S. Naval Research: No
Supported by Jefferson Lab LDRD Funding: No
Funding Source: Nuclear Physics (NP)

Compiled for Physics Letters B
Publication Abstract: Hadron production at low transverse momenta in semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering can be described by transverse momentum dependent (TMD) factorization. This formalism has also been widely used to study the Drell-Yan process and back-to-back hadron pair production in $e^+e^-$ collisions. These processes are the main ones for extractions of TMD parton distribution functions and TMD fragmentation functions, which encode important information about nucleon structure and hadronization. One of the most widely used TMD factorization formalism in phenomenology formulates TMD observables in coordinate $\bt$-space, the conjugate space of the transverse momentum. The Fourier transform from $\bt$-space back into transverse momentum space is sufficiently complicated due to oscillatory integrands and requires a careful and computationally intensive numerical treatment in order to avoid potentially large numerical errors. In this paper we develop a fast two-dimensional numerical Fourier transform algorithm that can potentially improve the numerical accuracy of TMD calculations and boost the numerical performance to carry out global QCD analysis of TMDs.
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