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Title Parton Distribution Functions from Ioffe time pseudo-distributions
Authors Balint Joo,Joseph Karpie,Konstantinos Orginos,Anatoly Radyushkin,David Richards,Savvas Zafeiropoulos
JLAB number JLAB-THY-19-3024
LANL number arXiv:1908.09771
Other number DOE/OR/23177-4843
Document Type(s) (Journal Article) 
Supported by U.S. Naval Research: No
Supported by Jefferson Lab LDRD Funding: No
Funding Source: Nuclear Physics (NP)

Compiled for Journal of High Energy Physics
Volume 12
Page(s) 081
Publication Abstract: In this paper, we present a detailed study of the unpolarized nucleon parton distribution function (PDF) employing the approach of parton pseudo-distribution func- tions. We perform a systematic analysis using three lattice ensembles at two volumes, with lattice spacings a = 0.127 fm and a = 0.094 fm, for a pion mass of roughly 400 MeV. With two lattice spacings and two volumes, both continuum limit and infinite volume extrapola- tion systematic errors of the PDF are estimated. In addition to the x dependence of the PDF, we compute their first two moments and compare them with the pertinent phenomenological determinations.
Experiment Numbers: other
Document: pdf
Accepted Manuscript: JoĆ³2019_Article_PartonDistributionFunctionsFro.pdf
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