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Title Search for the n1(1600) exotic meson and the first observation of the a1(1260) meson in the photoproduction reaction yp -> n+n+n-e
Authors Aristeidis Tsaris,Paul Eugenio,Alexander Ostrovidov,Hussein Al Ghoul,Craig Bookwalter,Dennis Weygand,Krishna Adhikari,Shankar Adhikari,Giovanni Angelini,Hamza Atac,Carlos Ayerbe Gayoso,Luca Barion,Marco Battaglieri,Ivan Bedlinskiy,Fatiha Benmokhtar,Andrea Bianconi,Angela Biselli,Francesco Bossu,Sergey Boyarinov,William Briscoe,William Brooks,Volker Burkert,Frank Cao,Daniel Carman,Jose Carvajal,Andrea Celentano,Pierre Chatagnon,Taya Chetry,Giuseppe Ciullo,Philip Cole,Marco Contalbrigo,Volker Crede,Reynier Cruz Torres,Annalisa D'Angelo,Natalya Dashyan,Raffaella De Vita,Alexandre Deur,Stefan Diehl,Chaden Djalali,Raphael Dupre,Mathieu Ehrhart,Lamiaa El Fassi,Alessandra Filippi,Ahmed Fradi,Yeranuhi Ghandilyan,Derek Glazier,Wesley Gohn,Evgeny Golovach,Ralf Gothe,Michel Guidal,Lei Guo,Kawtar Hafidi,Hayk Hakobyan,Mohammad Hattawy,Florian Hauenstein,Timothy Hayward,David Heddle,Maurik Holtrop,Yordanka Ilieva,Isabella Illari,Evgeny Isupov,Hyon-Suk Jo,Kyungseon Joo,Sylvester Joosten,Dustin Keller,Mariana Khachatryan,Achyut Khanal,Mahbubul Khandaker,Chan Kim,Wooyoung Kim,Franz Klein,Valery Kubarovsky,Lucilla Lanza,Marco Leali,Kenneth Livingston,Ian MacGregor,Dominique Marchand,Nikolay Markov,Valerio Mascagna,Bryan McKinnon,Curtis Meyer,Taisiya Mineeva,Carlos Munoz Camacho,Mikhail Osipenko,Michael Paolone,Luciano Pappalardo,Rafayel Paremuzyan,Eugene Pasyuk,William Phelps,Oleg Pogorelko,John Price,Yelena Prok,Dan Protopopescu,Marco Ripani,James Ritman,Alessandro Rizzo,Carlos Salgado,Axel Schmidt,Reinhard Schumacher,Nikolaos Sparveris,Stepan Stepanyan,Igor Strakovski,Steffen Strauch,Joshua Artem Tan,Nicholas Tyler,Maurizio Ungaro,Luca Venturelli,Hakob Voskanyan,Eric Voutier,Xiangdong Wei,Nicholas Zachariou,zhiwen zhao
JLAB number JLAB-PHY-20-3152
LANL number (None)
Other number DOE/OR/23177-4932
Document Type(s) (Journal Article) 
Associated with EIC: No
Supported by Jefferson Lab LDRD Funding: No
Funding Source: Nuclear Physics (NP)

Compiled for Physical Review Letters
Publication Abstract: We performed a study of the n+n+n- system photoproduced in the charge-exchange reaction yp -> n+n+n-e, with a special emphasis on a search for the n1(1600) exotic meson. Data were collected with the CLAS spectrometer at Jefferson Lab during the g12 run period. A tagged photon beam with Ey = 4.4-5.4 GeV on a liquid-hydrogen target was utilized. In order to enhance peripheral production, events were selected with low four-momentum transfer to the recoil neutron. A mass-independent partial wave analysis was performed on a sample of 6 × 10^5 events, the largest 3n photoproduction dataset published to date. In addition to the previously observed a2(1320) and n2(1670) states, the presence of the a1(1260) meson photoproduction was established for the first time. However, no evidence was found for photoproduction of the exotic J^PC = 1^-+ n1(1600) meson with the pn decay mode, a state claimed to be observed in previous measurements with incident pion beams. The exotic J^PC = 1^-+ partial wa
Experiment Numbers: E04-017, E04-005
Group: Hall B
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