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Title Measurement of the proton spin structure at long distances
Authors X. Zheng,Alexandre Deur,Hyekoo Kang,Sebastian Kuhn,Marco Ripani,Jixie Zhang,K.P. Adhikari,Shankar Adhikari,M.J. Amaryan,Hamza Atac,H. Avakian,Luca Barion,Marco Battaglieri,Ivan Bedlinskiy,Fatiha Benmokhtar,Andrea Bianconi,Angela Biselli,S. Boiarinov,Mariangela Bondi,Francesco Bossu,Peter Bosted,William Briscoe,J. Brock,W.K. Brooks,D. Bulumulla,V.D. Burkert,C. Carlin,D.S. Carman,Jose Carvajal,Andrea Celentano,Pierre Chatagnon,Taya Chetry,Seonho Choi,Giuseppe Ciullo,L. Clark,P.L. Cole,Marco Contalbrigo,Volker Crede,A. D'Angelo,Natalya Dashyan,Raffaella De Vita,M. Defurne,Stefan Diehl,Chaden Djalali,Vadim Drozdov,Raphael Dupre,Mathieu Ehrhart,Ahmed El Alaoui,Latifa Elouadrhiri,Paul Eugenio,Gleb Fedotov,Stuart Fegan,Robert Fersch,Alessandra Filippi,Tony Forest,Yeranuhi Ghandilyan,Gerard Gilfoyle,Kevin Giovanetti,Francois-Xavier Girod-Gard,D.I. Glazier,R.W. Gothe,Keith Griffioen,Michel Guidal,Nevzat Guler,Lei Guo,Kawtar Hafidi,Hayk Hakobyan,Mohammad Hattawy,Timothy Hayward,David Heddle,Kenneth Hicks,Adam Hobart,Maurik Holtrop,Yordanka Ilieva,David Ireland,Evgeny Isupov,H.S. Jo,Kyungseon Joo,Sylvester Joosten,C.D. Keith,D. Keller,Achyut Khanal,Mahbubul Khandaker,C.W. Kim,W. Kim,Franz Klein,Aron Kripko,Valery Kubarovsky,L. Lanza,Marco Leali,Paolo Lenisa,Kenneth Livingston,I.J.D. MacGregor,Nikolay Markov,L. Marsicano,V. Mascagna,B. McKinnon,David Meekins,Taisiya Mineeva,Marco Mirazita,Viktor Mokeev,C. Mullen,Pawel Nadel-Turonski,Krishna Neupane,Silvia Niccolai,Mikhail Osipenko,Alexander Ostrovidov,Michael Paolone,Luciano Pappalardo,K. Park,Eugene Pasyuk,W. Phelps,S.K. Phillips,Oleg Pogorelko,Deewakar Poudel,Yelena Prok,Brian Raue,James Ritman,A. Rizzo,G. Rosner,P. Rossi,Joseph Rowley,Franck Sabatie,Carlos Salgado,Axel Schmidt,Reinhard Schumacher,Mikell Seely,Youri Sharabian,Manoj Shrestha,S. Sirca,Karl Slifer,Nikolaos Sparveris,S. Stepanyan,I.I. Strakovsky,Steffen Strauch,N. Tyler,M. Ungaro,Luca Venturelli,Hakob Voskanyan,Eric Voutier,Daniel Watts,X. Wei,L.B. Weinstein,Michael Wood,Bradley Yale,Nicholas Zachariou,Z.W. Zhao
JLAB number JLAB-PHY-20-3251
LANL number arXiv:2102.02658
Other number DOE/OR/23177-5042
Document Type(s) (Journal Article) 
Associated with EIC: No
Supported by Jefferson Lab LDRD Funding: No
Funding Source: Nuclear Physics (NP)

Compiled for Nature Physics
Publication Abstract: Measuring the spin structure of nucleons (protons and neutrons) extensively tests our understanding of how nucleons arise from quarks and gluons, the fundamental building blocks of nuclear matter. The nucleon spin structure is typically probed in scattering experiments using polarized beams and polarized nucleon targets, and the results are compared with predictions from Quantum Chromodynamics directly or with effective theories that describe the strong nuclear force. Here we report on new proton spin structure measurements with significantly better precision and improved coverage than previous data at low momentum transfers between $0.012$ and $1.0$~GeV$^2$. This kinematic range provides unique tests of effective field theory predictions. Our results show that a complete description of the nucleon spin remains elusive. They call for further theoretical works that include the more fundamental lattice gauge method. Finally, our data agree with the Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn sum rule, a fundamental prediction of quantum field theory.
Experiment Numbers: E03-006
Group: Hall B
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