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Title Electromagnetic Form Factors and Charge Radii of Pseudoscalar and Scalar Mesons: A Comprehensive Contact Interaction Analysis
Authors A. Bashir, R. Hernández-Pinto, M. A. Bedolla, I. M. Higuera-Angulo
JLAB number JLAB-THY-23-3744
LANL number arXiv:2301.11881
Other number DOE/OR/23177-5703
Document Type(s) (Journal Article) 
Associated with EIC: Yes
Supported by Jefferson Lab LDRD Funding: No
Funding Source: Nuclear Physics (NP)
Other Funding:Fulbright-García Robles scholarship
Conacyt - Mexico
CIC - University of Michoacan

Compiled for Physical Review D
Volume 107
Page(s) 054002
Publication Abstract: We carry out a comprehensive survey of electromagnetic form factors of all light, heavy and heavy-light ground-state pseudoscalar and scalar mesons. Our analysis is based upon a Schwinger-Dyson equations treatment of a vector $\times$ vector contact interaction. It incorporates confinement and ensures axial vector and vector Ward-Takahashi identities are satisfied along with the corresponding corollaries such as the Goldberger-Treiman relations. The algebraic simplicity of the model allows us to compute the form factors at arbitrarily large virtualities of the probing photon momentum squared with relative ease. Wherever possible and insightful, we compare our results for the electromagnetic form factors and the charge radii with those obtained earlier through Schwinger-Dyson equations, lattice and with experimental observations available. We also comment on the scope and shortcomings of the model.
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Accepted Manuscript: PhysRevD.107.054002.pdf
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