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Title Muon capture on deuteron using local chiral potentials
Authors L. Ceccarelli, Alex Gnech, Laura Marcucci, Maria Piarulli, Michele Viviani
JLAB number JLAB-THY-23-3758
LANL number arXiv:2209.09762
Other number DOE/OR/23177-5774
Document Type(s) (Journal Article) 
Associated with EIC: No
Supported by Jefferson Lab LDRD Funding: No
Funding Source: Nuclear Physics (NP)

Compiled for Frontiers in Physics
Volume 10
Publication Abstract: The muon capture reaction µ ? + d ? n + n + ?µ in the doublet hyperfine state is studied using nuclear potentials and consistent currents derived in chiral effective field theory, which are local and expressed in coordinate-space (the so-called Norfolk models). Only the largest contribution due to the 1S0 nn scattering state is considered. Particular attention is given to the estimate of the theoretical uncertainty, for which four sources have been identified: (i) the model dependence, (ii) the chiral order convergence for the weak nuclear current, (iii) the uncertainty in the single-nucleon axial form factor, and (iv) the numerical technique adopted to solve the bound and scattering A = 2 systems. This last source of uncertainty has turned out essentially negligible. The 1S0 doublet muon capture rate ?D(1S0) has been found to be ?D(1S0) = 255.8(0.6)(4.4)(2.9) s?1, where the three errors come from the first three sources of uncertainty. The value for ?D(1S0) obtained within this local chiral framework is compared with previous calculations and found in very good agreement.
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Accepted Manuscript: fphy-10-1049919.pdf
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