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Title Spin structure of 3He an the neutron at low Q2, A measurement of the extended GDH intergral and the Burkhardt-Cottingham sum rule
Authors Karl Slifer
JLAB number JLAB-PHY-04-87
LANL number (None)
Other number DOE/ER/40150-4581
Document Type(s) (Thesis) 
Supported by U.S. Naval Research: No
Supported by Jefferson Lab LDRD Funding: No
A PHD thesis
Advisor(s) :
   Zein-Eddine Meziani (Temple)
Publication Abstract: Experiment E94-010 investigated the spin structure of the neutron and ^3He at Jefferson Laboratory in Newport News, VA. Longitudinally polarized electrons of incident energy from 0.9 GeV to 5.0 GeV were scattered from a high pressure polarized ^3He target in experimental Hall A. ^3He was used as an effective neutron target, taking advantage of the approximate cancellation of the two spin-paired protons in the ^3He ground state. Longitudinal and transverse target polarization were maintained, allowing a precision determination of both spin structure functions g1(x,Q^2) and g2(x,Q^2). The structure functions were extracted from an inclusive polarized cross section measurement at low momentum transfer (0.1
Experiment Numbers: E94-010
Group: Hall A
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