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Title The scattering of muons in low Z materials
Authors David Atwood,P. Bell,S. Bull,T. McMahon,Richard Fernow,P. Gruber,A. Jamdagni,K. Long,E. McKigney,P. Savage,M. Curtis-Rouse,T.R. Edgecock,Michael Ellis,J. Lidbury,W. Murray,P. Norton,K. Peach,K. Ishida,Y. Matsuda,kanetada Nagamine,F. Nakamura,G.M. Marshall,S. Benveniste,Douglas Cline,Yasuo Fukui,Kevin Lee,Yuriy Pischalnikov,S. Holmes,Slawomir Bogacz
JLAB number JLAB-ACP-05-439
LANL number hep-ex/0512005
Other number DOE/ER/40150-3667
Document Type(s) (Journal Article) 
Supported by U.S. Naval Research: No
Supported by Jefferson Lab LDRD Funding: No

Compiled for Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research, Section B
Volume 251
Issue 1
Page(s) 41-55
Publication Abstract: This paper presents the measurement of the scattering of 172 MeV/c muons in assorted materials, including liquid hydrogen, motivated by the need to understand ionisation cooling for muon acceleration. Data are compared with predictions from the Geant 4 simulation code and this simulation is used to deconvolute detector effects. The scattering distributions obtained are compared with the Moliere theory of multiple scattering and, in the case of liquid hydrogen, with ELMS. With the exception of ELMS, none of the models are found to provide a good description of the data. The results suggest that ionisation cooling will work better than would be predicted by Geant 4.7.0p01.
Experiment Numbers: other
Group: Ctr for Adv Stud of Accel
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