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Bias-Variance Trade-off and Model Selection for Proton Radius Extractions Douglas Higinbotham, Pablo Giuliani, R.E. McClellan, Simon Sirca and Xuefei Yan To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2851 (view)
Measurement of the Nitrogen Asymmetry in a Solid Ammonia Dynamically Polarized Target Moshe Friedman, Jessica Campbell, Guy Ron, Douglas Higinbotham and Adam Sarty To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2950 (view)
Exclusive pi0p electroproduction off protons in resonance region at photon virtualities 0:4 < Q2 < 1GeV2 N. Markov, K. Joo, V.D. Burkert, V.I. Mokeev, L. C. Smith and Others To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-3002 (view)
Photoproduction Reactions and Non-Strange Baryon Spectroscopy David Ireland, Eugene Pasyuk and Igor Strakovsky To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2948 (view)
Comparing proton momentum distributions in A = 3 nuclei via 3He and 3H(e, e'p) measurements Reynier Cruz Torres, Shujie Li, Florian Hauenstein, Axel Schmidt, Daniel Abrams and Others To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2893 (view)
Experimental studies at low $Q^2$ of the spin structure of the nucleon at Jefferson Lab Alexandre Deur To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2902 (view)
Measurement of nuclear transparency ratios for protons and neutrons Meytal Duer, Or Hen, Eliazer Piasetzky, Lawrence Weinstein, Axel Schmidt and Others To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-3007 (view)
The double spin asymmetry of nitrogen in elastic and quasielastic kinematics from a solid ammonia dynamically polarized target Moshe Friedman, Jessica Campbell, Adam Sarty, Douglas Higinbotham and Guy Ron To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-3035 (view)
Pion and Kaon Structure at the Electron-Ion Collider Arlene C. Aguilar, Zafir Ahmed, Christine Aidala, Salina Ali, Vincent Andrieux and Others To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-3003 (view)
Probing for high momentum protons in 4He via the 4He(e,e p)X reaction S. Iqbal, F. Benmokhtar, M. Ivanov, N. See, K. Aniol and Others To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2934 (view)
High Precision Measurement of Compton Scattering in the 5 GeV region Pawel Ambrozewicz, Li Ye, Yelena Prok, Ilya Larin, Abdellah Ahmidouch and Others To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2937 (view)
Hyperon I: Study of the Lambda(1405) Alexei Anisovich, Andrey Sarantsev, V.A. Nikonov, Volker Burkert, Reinhard Schumacher and Others To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2984 (view)
Measurement of the cross sections for inclusive electron scattering in the E12-14-012 experiment at Jefferson Lab M. Murphy, Hongxia Dai, Linjie Gu, Daniel Abrams, Dien Nguyen and Others To Appear in 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-3013 (view)
Density Changes in Low Pressure Gas Targets for Electron Scattering Experiments Sandra Santiesteban, Sheren Alsalmi, David Meekins, Carlos Ayerbe Gayoso, Jason Bane and Others Oct 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2850 (view)
The nucleon resonance structure from exclusive $\pi^+\pi^-p$ photo-/electroproduction off protons Volker Burkert, Victor Mokeev and Boris Ishkhanov Aug 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2852 (view)
First measurement of near-threshold J/$\psi $ exclusive photoproduction off the proton Ahmed Ali, Moskov Amaryan, Efstratios Anassontzis, Alexander Austregesilo, Marouen Baalouch and Others Aug 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2946 (view)
Lowest order QED radiative effects in polarized SIDIS Igor Akushevich and Aleksander Ilyichev Aug 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2938 (view)
Exploring the Structure of the Bound Proton with Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering Mohammad Hattawy, Nathan Baltzell, Raphael Dupre, Stephen Bueltmann, Raffaella De Vita and Others Jul 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2819 (view)
Measurements of Non-Singlet Moments of the Nucleon Structure Functions and Comparison to Predictions from Lattice QCD for $Q^2 = 4$ $\rm GeV^2$ Ibrahim Albayrak, Vahe Mamyan, Michael Christy, Abdellah Ahmidouch, John Arrington and Others Jul 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2929 (view)
The JLab Eta Factory (JEF) Program in Hall-D at Jefferson Lab Simon Taylor Jun 2019 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-19-2901 (view)

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