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Title Author          Published Date Type JLAB #  
Precision Moller polarimetry for PREX-2 and CREX Donald Jones, James Napolitano, Kent Paschke, William Henry, Sanghwa Park and Others Jan 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3655 (view)
CLAS12 Track Reconstruction with Artificial Intelligence Gagik Gavalian, Polykarpos Thomadakis, Angelos Angelopoulos, Raffaella D. Vita, Veronique Ziegler and Others To Appear in 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3566 (view)
Jefferson Lab Hall C: Precision Physics at the Luminosity Frontier David Mack, Jay Benesch, Vladimir Berdnikov, Paul Brindza, Silviu Covrig Dusa and Others To Appear in 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3740 (view)
Searching for an Enhanced Signal of the onset of Color Transparency in Baryons with D(e,e'p)n scattering Shujie Li, Holly Szumila-Vance, Jennifer Rittenhouse West, Carlos Yero, Wim Cosyn and Others To Appear in 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3741 (view)
A multidimensional study of the structure function ratio sigma_LT'/sigma^0 from hard exclusive pi^+ electro-production off protons in the GPD regime Stefan Diehl, Andrey Kim, Kyungseon Joo, Patrick Achenbach, Zulkaida Akbar and Others To Appear in 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3745 (view)
Extraction of the Coulomb Sum Rule and Longitudinal Quasielastic Supression from an Analysis of Available e-12C and e-16O Cross Section Data. Arie Bodek and Michael Christy To Appear in 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3650 (view)
Precise Beam Energy Determination for Hall A after the 12GeV Upgrade Sandra Santiesteban, Lucas Tracy, David Flay, Douglas Higinbotham, Dominique Marchand and Others To Appear in 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-21-3523 (view)
Concept of Very-Asymmetric Lepton Collider for Dark Matter Search Vasiliy Morozov and Bogdan Wojtsekhowski To Appear in 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3593, JL (view)
First observation of correlations between spin and transverse momenta in 2 back-to-back dihadron production at CLAS12 Harutyun Avagyan, Timothy Hayward, Aram Kotzinian, Whitney Armstrong, Hamza Atac and Others To Appear in 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3690 (view)
Constraints on the onset of color transparency from quasi-elastic $^{12}$C$(e,e'p)$ up to $Q^2=14.2$~GeV/$c^2$ Deepak Bhetuwal, John Matter, Holly Szumila-Vance, Carlos Ayerbe Gayoso, Md Latiful Kabir and Others To Appear in 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3621 (view)
Resolving 100 photons and quantum generation of unbiased random numbers Miller Eaton, Amr Hossameldin, Richard J. Birrittella, Paul M. Alsing, Christopher C. Gerry and Others To Appear in 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3747 (view)
High-Accuracy Absolute Magnetometry with Application to the Fermilab Muon $g-2$ Experiment David Flay, D. Kawall, T. Chupp, S. Corrodi, M. Farooq and Others Dec 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3461 (view)
Characterization of Multianode Photomultiplier Tubes for use in the CLAS12 RICH Detector Pavel Degtiarenko, Valery Kubarovsky, Benjamin Raydo, Andrey Kim, Andrew Smith and Others Dec 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3561 (view)
Accurate Determination of the Electron Spin Polarization In Magnetized Iron and Nickel Foils for Moller Polarimetry David Gaskell, William Henry, Donald Jones, David King, Paul Souder and Others Nov 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3581 (view)
The Proton Spin Structure Function g2 and Generalized Polarizabilities in the Strong QCD Regime David Ruth, Ryan Zielinski, Chao Gu, Melissa Cummings, Toby Badman and Others Oct 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3607 (view)
Measured proton electromagnetic structure deviates from theoretical predictions Ruonan Li, Nikolaos Sparveris, Hamza Atac, Mark Jones and Michael Paolone Oct 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3744 (view)
Dark matter search with the BDX-MINI experiment Marco Battaglieri, Mariangela Bondì, Andrea Celentano, Philip L. Cole, Marzio De Napoli and Others Oct 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3674 (view)
Search for a bound di-neutron by comparing $^3$He(e,e'p)d and $^3$H(e,e'p)X measurements Dien Nguyen, Carmel Neuburger, Reynier Cruz Torres, Axel Schmidt, Douglas Higinbotham and Others Aug 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-21-3505 (view)
Streaming readout for next generation electron scattering experiments Mariangela Bondi, Fabrizio Ameli, Marco Battaglieri, Vladimir Berdnikov, Sergey Boyarinov and Others Aug 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3556 (view)
Revealing the short-range structure of the mirror nuclei 3H and 3He S. Li, R. Cruz-Torres, N. Santiesteban, Z. H. Ye, D. Abrams and Others Aug 2022 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-22-3577 (view)

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