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Title Author          Published Date Type JLAB #  
Ultra-High Precision Compton Polarimetry at 2 GeV Allison Zec, Sachinthani Premathilake, Juan Cornejo, Mark Dalton, Ciprian Gal and Others Feb 2024 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3924 (view)
Design, construction, and performance of the GEM based radial time projection chamber for the BONuS12 experiment with CLAS12 Ibrahim Albayrak, Stephan Aune, Carlos Ayerbe Gayoso, Josh Baron, S. Bultmann and Others Feb 2024 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-24-4000 (view)
Beam Spin Asymmetry Measurements of Deeply Virtual p 1 0 Production with CLAS12 Andrey Kim, Stefan Diehl, Kyungseon Joo, Valery Kubarovsky, Patrick Achenbach and Others Jan 2024 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3880 (view)
Exact and Leading Order Radiative Effects in Semi-inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering Igor Akushevich, Stanislav Srednyak and Alexander Ilyichev To Appear in 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3785 (view)
PyPWA: A Software Toolkit for Parameter Optimization and. Amplitude Analysis Mark Jones, Peter Hurck, William Phelps and Carlos W. Salgado To Appear in 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3817 (view)
Suppression of neutral pion production in deep-inelastic scattering off nuclei with the CLAS detector Taisiya Mineeva, William Brooks, Ahmed El Alaoui, Hayk Hakobyan, Kyungseon Joo and Others To Appear in 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3967 (view)
A new direct detection electron scattering experiment to search for the X17 particle Dipangkar Dutta, Haiyan Gao, Ashot Gasparian, Tyler James Hague, Nilanga Liyanage and Others To Appear in 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3740 (view)
Insight into Emergence of Hadron Mass from $\boldmath N^*$ Electroexcitation Amplitudes Victor Mokeev and Daniel Carman To Appear in 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3933 (view)
PVEMC: Isolating the flavor-dependent EMC effect using parity-violating elastic scattering in SoLID Rakitha Beminiwattha, John Arrington and David Gaskell To Appear in 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3800 (view)
Search for axion-like particles through nuclear Primakoff production using the GlueX detector J.R. Pybus, T. Kolar, B. Devkota, P. Sharp, B. Yu and Others To Appear in 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3938 (view)
Double-pion electroproduction off protons in deuterium: quasi-free cross sections and final state interactions Iuliia Skorodumina, Gleb Fedotov, Ralf Gothe, Patrick Achenbach, Zulkaida Akbar and Others To Appear in 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3898 (view)
Nucleon resonances and transition form factors Volker Burkert Dec 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3736 (view)
Light-quark baryons Volker Burkert, Eberhard Klempt and Ulrike Thoma Dec 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3735 (view)
Colloquium: Gravitational Form Factors of the Proton Volker Burkert, Latifa Elouadrhiri, F.X. Girod-Gard, Cedric Lorce, Peter Schweitzer and Others Dec 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3774 (view)
Measurement of Spin-Density Matrix Elements in rho(770) Production with a Linearly Polarized Photon Beam at E_gamma=8.2-8.8GeV Alexander Austregesilo, S. Adhikari, F. Afzal, C. S. Akondi, M. Albrecht and Others Nov 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3838 (view)
Spectroscopy of Mesons Produced by Linearly Polarized Photons Carlos Salgado Nov 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3932 (view)
The solenoidal large intensity device (SoLID) for JLab 12 GeV John Arrington, Jay Benesch, Alexandre Camsonne, Jimmy Caylor, J.-P. Chen and Others Nov 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3976 (view)
Complete lowest order radiative corrections in semi-inclusive scattering of polarized particles Igor Akushevich, Harut Avakian, Alexander Ilyichev and Stanislav Srednyak Oct 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3923 (view)
QCD Running Couplings and Effective Charges Alexandre Deur, Stanley Brodsky and Craig Roberts Oct 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3758 (view)
Deep Learning Level-3 Electron Trigger for CLAS12 Richard Tyson, Gagik Gavalian, David Ireland and Bryan McKinnon Sep 2023 Journal Article JLAB-PHY-23-3759 (view)

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