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Accelerator and Engineering Division Conference Approvals Procedure

Recently published journal articles in the weekly briefs:
The publications office staff will include published journal articles in the Weekly Briefs the week following we discover or are informed of them. In rare cases, these may be delayed.

IPAC/JACOW shortened acknowledgement for paper footers
Work supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Nuclear Physics under contract DE-AC05-06OR23177.

Tech Note templates available
If you have ever wished you had a template for writing tech notes, your wish has come true. See this page for template options. And gentle reminder, tech notes are internal documents.

Collaborations and Conference Proceedings
Rules regarding collaborations publishing conference proceedings:

The Publications Refresher Course is online! Visit JLab's Web-based Training page and find GEN018kd.4 - Publishing Papers at JLab. This training is focused on journal articles and conference proceeding papers, but please continue to submit your invited talks and even your contributed talks. Data calls may request numbers for all publication-types including conference presentations.

Accelerator & Engineering Division Publication Fee Policy

Click here to read the policy.

Published papers listed in Weekly Briefs

Authors: as soon as your paper is published, please send citation information and doi to to ensure it appears in the Weekly Briefs. Citations of published papers from the previous week will appear in the current week's weekly briefs.


Visit to find out why you should consider registering for an ORCID.

This utility allows easy access to a wide array of JLab published papers, talks, thesis and more. Use Publications to access instructions for authors, search for complete bibliographic data on publications and view full-text papers

By logging in, members of the JLab community may use this page to submit papers to the JLab professional paper clearance form and view its approval status.

Policies, Procedures, Need-to-Know

arXiv and inSPIRE

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Tech notes are not incorporated into this application. Click here to view tech notes (onsite only). Contact Kim Edwards to receive a tech note number.